hiya, i’ve been inactive for over a month i think now— i just don’t really enjoy using this tumblr anymore :-( i’m not going to deactivate but i won’t be active so you’ll probably want to unfollow me now :-) if you want to keep contact or see what i’m up to or whatever my twitter is @englandziam

i still love the boys i just don’t have time and have lost motivation to blog, i love you all xxxxx

July 25  ♥  2 notes

London, 07/06.



June 20  ♥  654 notes

I love parks and recreation

do you have netflix? :) what are some series you enjoyed watching?

i’m thinking about getting it…so i don’t know what series to watch :(

June 16  ♥  1 note

» can you rec me some good tv series? :)